4 Reasons Why You Are Unable to Download your Admit Card (Solved)

On the one hand, the feeling is indescribable the day when you go to the test venue with an intention to attend the examination you had registered for. On the other hand, some folks get nervous because they might have not prepared for the test the way they should have. Another reason for the anxiety during the exams could also be that you are unable to download your Admit Card for the Exam, be it an Entrance Exam or some University Semester Exam.

4 Reasons Why You Are Unable to Download your Admit Card
4 Reasons Why You Are Unable to Download your Admit Card
The Admit Card, no doubt, is an essential piece of document, without which, getting entrance to the test hall is completely out of imagination – no could possibly enter the gate without showing his/her admission card. It is true that no wants to get in trouble by not bringing their Admit Card on the exam date, however, there could be circumstances when this could happen.

Our article depicts the top 4 reasons why candidates are unable to download their Admit Cards using the website they believe is official. So, let’s get to know them. The reason why you cannot see the option to download Hall Ticket might the following:
You are not a registered candidate
This one is the major reason why students are not capable of downloading their Admit Cards from the official website – they are not registered. Why? What could possibly the reason behind that? Well, it’s simple – you could not properly register for the exam because you could not fill out the online form in a manner you were required to.
If there is still the deadline for the submission of online application form for the test, you could try to register yourself again. But, if the last date is over, there is nothing you could, unfortunately.
Invalid login credentials
No one is perfect – we all make errors every day – so do we while downloading the Admit Card. Yes, another reason could be the invalid credentials that you are prompted to enter on the download page.
Make sure that “Registration Id.” or “Roll Number” and your “Password” is correct. If nothing works, use the Password Reset option to get you started for the account recovery. An email will be sent for the request of the new login credentials if you have forgotten your Password or Username.  
Website is down
Some users also face this issue and see errors like 503 error or something akin to that. This mostly happens when the server gets too many requests which exceed that number it is supposed to handle. In this case, it stops responding and leads to the “Not Responding” error. This error is not a ‘404’ error which is returned when the website is unable to show something you have requested like you have searched something but it could not find it.
If you are confronting server-related issues while downloading your Admit Card, you could wait for some moments for the website to be up and ready. Keep trying until you are able to visit the website. Try clearing the cache of the browser you are using. If that does not work, open the website in Incognito mode.
Your Internet connection is slow
If everything seems fine and still you don’t get to download your Call Letter (Admit Card) from the website, the reason could be your slow data/Internet connection.
If you are facing slow internet speed, you might have to upgrade your data connection to a higher plan to enjoy faster data services. If you are in India, you could try various 4G plans out there for faster and stronger Internet speed.

Which reason do you think is causing an interruption in the downloading of Admit Card based on what we have stated above? Has this article resolved the issue or not? If what you are going through is something else, we would like to hear it in comments. 

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