How to Prepare General Knowledge for Government Exams

Students preparing for different government jobs, like UPSC, Banking, Defence Services or any other government services, the major problems faced by all is general knowledge or current affairs. General knowledge not only helps in scoring good marks in government exams, but it also helps one to perform well in debates or in group discussions. Students who aspire for government exams do not wait for the exam notification but start preparing as early as possible. Here are some simple tips on how to prepare general knowledge for government examinations.

Read Newspaper: If you are preparing for government exams, then you should develop a new habit of reading the newspaper. It will be more beneficial for you if you can read a newspaper in your mother tongue and the other in English. Some good newspapers you can follow are “The Hindu”, “The Times of India”, “The statesman” etc. Reading the newspaper on daily basis helps you keep updated on the recent events that are happening around you. Keeping yourself updated always makes you different from other people.

Watch News on Television: Watch special current affairs programs on television like debate shows. Watch a news channel once in a day. Choose an appropriate time at which your favourite journalist or news channel anchor go on air, with his/her debates on serious national and international issues. If you feel you have very less time to watch these then try to watch headlines of the day. Experts also suggest watching international news, because in some government exams questions related to international events are also asked. Some good international news channels you can follow are BBC News, Al Jazeera, CNN, etc.

Make Notes: Make a notebook of general knowledge and note down each and every important news you watch or read in the newspaper. Writing things help to retain the topics for a very long duration of time. Lots of things happen every second in every corner of the world, so it is not an easy task to remember it all. It is always a better option to keep a notebook where you can jot down important news.

Take Help of Internet: Students preparing for government examinations should follow some good websites and blogs who keep updating news after certain intervals. You can also install some good mobile applications which give instant updates or notifications on the recent happenings or news. Some mobile applications also come with preloaded information of different government exams like UPSC exam syllabus, UPSC exam pattern, etc.

Take Online Test: Take mock tests available on various websites to evaluate yourself. Taking mock test helps you to analyze, whether you are prepared or not for the exams. If you feel you are not prepared for the exam then change your preparation schedule or spend some more time on general knowledge and retake the test.

Follow these simple tips and tricks to score goods marks in your future exams. To avoid any issue, candidates should apply to government exams as early as possible. Before applying make sure you have all the necessary documents and photos ready for uploading to the website.

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