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While completing the Graduation or Post Graduation or any other Degree, we are always told by our lecturers that we have to sell our skills to the companies where we are willing to work while looking for a job. But, “how does it go” and “how well it can be done” could be a nerve-wracking question to many candidates out there. This article tells you about Best Ways to Prepare for Interview that anyone (whether experienced or fresher) can use while appearing for an Interview.

Best Ways To Prepare For Interview
Best Ways To Prepare For Interview
Not only the newbies but also those who are most qualified or even the smarter people have to prepare for the Interview. This is because Interviewing is a skill and can be learnt by anyone who has a dream to get a good job in their chosen field. It also becomes necessary for the applicants to be ready for since most of the hiring processes include it.
Every time the nightmare of losing out on your job opportunity comes in your mind, you must recall the “PPP Rule” which is “Prepare, Practice, and Perform”.

Best/ Top Tips for Interview Preparation and Success

If you really want the interviewer to hire you, you have to show your skills by answer all questions in an appropriate manner without leaving the interviewer in doubt.

Now, consider the guide below which is all about Best Ways To Prepare For Interview that will surely help you crack the Interview round and later on it will become very easy.

Tip #1: Research the Company

Research the CompanyThe very first thing that you must do before doing anything is to research the Company, its Background. You must know “Where the company is located or where it’s headquartered”, “What types of products it sells (if it sells the products)”, “What services it offers”, etc. You have to study crucial information about the company. For this purpose, you can ask the person currently working in that company personally (if you know anyone) to help you know about the environment. This will also make you stay confident in the overall process of the Interview and you will be able to answer every question quickly.

Instant Tip#1: Nowadays, information about every company is available on the Web.

Tip #2: Arrive Before Time

Arrive Before TimeThis is one of the most common mistakes job-seekers do while arriving at the Interview Venue. They know that Interview timing is 2:00 PM, yet they get late. That’s why it is always recommended that you have to be there at the venue before 5 minutes so that you can have some time for refreshing your mind because you mightn’t live right next to the company (i.e. you don’t own a home right the opposite side of the company or nearest it).

Important: Don’t make it 10 because every hiring organisation does not have a “Huge Lobby” or some sitting area for you to wait. Also, being at the venue too early also leaves a negative impression.

Tip #3: Be Prepared

Be PreparedWhat about the “Questions” that employer will be asking you in order to know how much ready you are and whether what you are willing you sell meets the company’s goal or not. You have to answer all questions politely. Review what most asked interview questions, such as “Tell me about yourself”, “Why should we hire you”, “What are your salary expectations”, etc.

Always remember, the Interviewer knows what goes on on your mind the moment you enter the venue (office/ room) as your personality reflects everything.

Instant Tip#1: You have to have a list of questions that you want to ask the interviewer, a pen, notebook, several copies of your up-to-date résumé.

Instant Tip#2: Answer the questions by telling a story.

Instant Tip#3: Practice answering questions that are likely to be asked. You have to keep practising until you become a master. Seek help from your friends.

Tip #4: Dress Properly (Look Great)

Dress Properly (Look Great)There is an old proverb which says “First Impression is the Last Impression” and how can you let it go to waste. Well, you just cannot! You have to dress for the “Company” or the “Job” you are eager to be hired for. Ask about the organisation’s Dress Code to fit in it and be well-groomed. When you enter the venue, make sure to have permission by asking the interviewer (s) by saying “May I come in”.

What you wear have to be as per culture followed in the company otherwise, they will be firing you instead of hiring you.

Instant Tip#1: Develop good first impression my greeting to the interviewer and other people you meet in the company. This will result in positive results since most of the employers ask their staff members how polite you were to them when you met them.

Instant Tip#2: Shake hands warmly with the employer. You must greet him/ her with a smile on your face!

Instant Tip#3: Always have the eye contact. If the interview is Female, you can be 1-6 seconds longer, but if the person who is interacting with you is male, then the eye contact could be 1-16 seconds. However, make sure you don’t make him/ her think that you are staring.

Tip #5: Remember, Body Language is Important!

Remember, Body Language is Important!OK, you know every answer, but how you will you speak? How will you maintain “Eye Contact” while sitting upright and not leaning back? You have to make them need you and how on the earth will you do that? You have to make them realise that you are the one that will fit with the job opportunity or prove to them why you are a better person for the job.

Moving in Chair, folding arms, leaning back, looking to the floor, etc., are the purposeless activities that you must not be doing.

Instant Tip#1: While making a point, make use of gestures and postures and lean forward slightly.

Instant Tip#2: You should not do any single activity which makes the interviewer think not to hire you. Check out Dos and Don’ts at the bottom.

Tip #6: Always be Confident, Positive, To the Point

Always be Confident, Positive, To the Point
Although the key to success is leaving a good first impression, however, no matter what it is like, you have to be confident throughout the process. Your goal should be truthfully answering all the asked questions. You have to practice for your “Responses” so that it could not be hard for you when the interview starts.

Tip #7: Ask Job-Related Questions

Ask Job-Related QuestionsDo you think you can ask any question to the person who you are interviewing with? Is that so? No! It is not. You have to ask only the questions which are related to your Job. You just cannot dare to ask “How is your mother” to the Interviewing person (unless he/she is your relative).

Tip #8: Remember to Thank Interviewer (s)

Remember to Thank Interviewer (s)When you are done talking to the interviewer (after you’ve asked the insightful questions related to the job), you don’t have to stand and go. Do you think your interview should end like this? No, it must not! Your manners play a part in the success of selecting you. You must thank each person whom you interviewed with by sending “Thank-you” E-mails.

Best Ways To Prepare For Interview | Do’s and Don’ts

What are the Do’s and Don’ts that one has to perform in an Interview?  Don’t put stress on your mind as here we are showing a detailed guide below:

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. While greeting the Interviewer, you have to use their “First Name” and don’t forget to use “Sir” and “Ma’am” to add an extra layer of politeness. 
  2. After entering the Office/Room where the interview is being conducted, you have to wait unless you are offered a chair to sit.
  3. Making an Eye-Contact will also pay off.
  1. Don’t look untidy.
  2. You have to look comfortable i.e. don’t just sit like a statue.
  3. Don’t start asking questions while the Interviewer is not yet done asking.
  4. Don’t talk about the Salary, Holidays, etc., unless the Employer brings the topic up.
  5. Don’t just answer using ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, try to elaborate on the answers.
  6. Wearing too much perfume can also be negative.
  7. You don’t have to smoke before appearing for an Interview.
Hope you have appreciated these Best Ways To Prepare For Interview and found useful for your job selection. If you still have any question, feel free to ask via comments. 

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